Naipaul, grammar and biography


Naipaultelegraph2 Look at Naipaul. And look at him now. But this is not about youth and age — but about a pronoun. Look at the photo caption:

Naipaul with his long-term lover, Margaret Gooding, who he abandoned for another woman after the death of his wife.

Yes, even Homer nods — and so does the Telegraph. Both pictures are taken from the Telegraph which has a not so flattering article on Sir Vidia. The headline says it all:

Sir Vidia Naipaul admits his cruelty may have killed his wife.

It's referring to his first wife, Patricia, who died in 1996 after they had been married for 41 years. Naipaul admitted he had been cruel to her. He told his biographer, Patrick French:

It could be said that I killed her.

Two months after she died of cancer, he married his current wife, Nadira, a divorced Pakistani journalist, abandoning his mistress of 24 years, Margaret Gooding.

Read extracts from Patrick French's biography of Naipaul on the Telegraph. You can also listen to French reading from his biography.

French says Naipaul read his manuscript but "requested no changes".

By Abhijit

Abhijit loves reading and writing.

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