John Le Carre on his new book and his craft

A new book by John Le Carre is something to look forward to and here
he talks about his 21st novel, A Most Wanted Man, coming out this
month. It is set in Germany like his 19th  novel, Absolute Friends, and
indeed some of his most famous books. He has had not a love affair but an
obsession with Germany, he says in this videoclip, posted on The

He was lucky to be posted to Germany when he joined the Foreign Service
at a "very privileged time" — the Cuban crisis and the erection of the
Berlin Wall. He wrote The Spy Who Came In From The Cold while he was
posted at the British Embassy in Bonn. And when his identity was
revealed — John Le Carre is the pseudonym of David John Moore Cornwell
— by the Sunday Times, he was "hastily" posted as the
British Consul in Hamburg, the setting of his new novel, he says in
this videoclip. Shot in Hamburg. this video shows him talking about The
Most Wanted Man, which seems somewhat similar to Absolute Friends in
its exploration of the post-911 world and the war on terrorism while
also looking at the refugee problem. There is also a love theme.

The video ends with his musings as a writer. He says:

If I were not going to be published for the rest of my life, I would
still continue writing. It's what I do, like other people play the
violin. It's not to make money. It's to talk, it's to communicate. So I
feel very lucky. I mean the difference is I make the most of my
perceptions that any decent, humanitarian, liberal person makes, right
and wrong. The difference is I make a story out of them. And that's what
I do best and that's what I will go on doing until it fizzles out. I
hope that I will have a good enough friend standing behind me with a
hammer to tell me when I can't write well any more.

By Abhijit

Abhijit loves reading and writing.

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