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The Longly-Weds Know

It’s Valentine’s Day. So here’s a poem to all those lucky couples who like me and my wife have been married for decades. Many happy returns of the day! The Longly-Weds Know By Leah Furnas That it isn’t about the Golden Anniversary at all,But about all the unremarkable yearsthat Hallmark […]

Dylan Thomas and Fern Hill

I was surprised to find I had never posted my favourite poem here. I had quoted a couple of lines a long time ago, but never posted the whole poem. The poem: Fern Hill by Dylan Thomas. I have loved it ever since I read it in my schooldays in […]

Sex and children: Two poems

One of these is a famous poem by one of the finest 20th century English poets, the other written by a contemporary American poet. Here are the opening lines from both poems. Guess which one is English, which one American. One is witty, the other… well, I hope you enjoy […]

John Fuller’s Valentine

 I posted Auden’s beautiful love poem last night from a selection of his verse edited by the poet, John Fuller. The name sounded familiar. I wondered if he was related to the poet, Roy Fuller, whom I read long ago in the ’70s. Checking on the net, I found, yes, […]

Romantic Auden

    Nothing touches the heart more than a beautiful love poem. And here is WH Auden at his finest. He wrote it in 1940 when he was 32 or 33 years old. The poet John Fuller in his selection of Auden’s poems gives no further information, no annotations. But […]

A poem about a computer

I just came across this poem about a Mac (it had to be a Mac) but it could apply to a PC too. Anyone who blogs, surfs the Internet or is otherwise hopelessly addicted to computers will be able to identify with this poem. We can’t do without our computers. […]

Sappho’s poem

Oddly enough, this surfaced in Yahoo! Odd News: LONDON (Reuters) – A love poem written 2,600 years ago by Sappho, the greatest female poet of ancient Greece, was published on Friday for the first time since it was rediscovered last year. Sappho’s verses expressing love for her female companions on […]