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  • Malcolm Gladwell on outliers, maths and rice

    The Chinese are good at maths because their number words are remarkably brief, says Malcolm Gladwell in his book, Outliers. He quotes from The Numbers Game by Stanislas Dehaene, who wrote: “Most of them can be uttered in less than one-quarter of a second (for example, 4 is “si” and 7 “qi”). Their English equivalents […]

  • The Malayan Trilogy

    The Malayan Trilogy by Anthony Burgess Anthony Burgess may be best known for A Clockwork Orange. But anyone with an interest in Southeast Asia should read The Malayan Trilogy. Like all good novels, this big book about the early years of Malaysia is both timeless and of its time. Set in the 1950s, it has […]

  • Anthony Burgess on Malaysia

    Malaysia celebrated its 52nd independence anniversary recently. So how much has it changed since Anthony Burgess wrote about it in The Malayan Trilogy? The book is based on his experiences as an education officer in Malaysia in the 1950s. In his introduction to The Malayan Trilogy, he writes: “The Malays resented Chinese wealth and were […]