Here are links to pieces which appeared elsewhere, outside the blog. (Latest articles on top.)

They did it, the kids, I mean!

The Mickey Mouse song

(G)Old Chang Kee


The trees of  Singapore

Retailing history

Priyanka’s cross

The trouble with Harry

Power centre

The news in a tweet, tweet world

War of words over altered wards

The price of foreign workers

Budget largesse for the people

Baby I’m a-want you

Rowing over race and religion

Goodbye books, hello iPad

It’s EU-reka for Britannia

The rise and fall of a skin-flick star

A tale of two cities

The income gap and the learning gap

The pursuit of happiness

Free speech, yes, but don’t court trouble

The Pujas in Singapore

Peace, and happy Pujas

Fun and Games and a leader bereft

Bloviating on the blogosphere

Of degrees and dice and the luck of the draw

In the good books of the business class

Handling $266 billion a day

Top dollar in this House

Flying the flag, living the dream

Freedom’s just another word when nothing’s left to lose

The Merlin of the East

In a land they helped to build

Runaway growth, more foreign workers

What’s in store for international students

The beat goes on

The English Teacher: Love in Malgudi

Tales of the diaspora: V.S. Naipaul and Jhumpa Lahiri

Naipaul: The writer and his world

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