From Summer with Monika

By Roger McGough

they say the sun shone now and again
but it wa generally cloudy
with far too much rain
they say babies were born
married couples made love
(often with eachother)
and people died
they say it was an average
                   run of the mill
... but it wasn't

for i locked a yellowdoor
and i threw away the key
and i spent summer with monika
and monika spent summer with me

unlike everybody els
we made friends with the weather...
most days the sun called
        and sprawled
allover the place
or the wind blew in
as breezily as ever
and ran its fingers through our hair

but usually
it was the moon that kept us company

somedays we thought about the seaside
and built sandcastles on the blankets
and paddled in the pillows
or swam in the sink
or played with the shoals of dishes
otherdays we went for long walks
and picnicked on the banks
of the settee
or just sunbathed lazily
in front of the fire
until the shilling set on the horizon
we danced a lot that summer...
bossanovaed by the bookcase
or madissoned instead
hulligullied by the oven
or twisted round the bed
at first we kept birds
in a transistor box
to sing for us
but sadly they died
we being too embraced in eachother
but it didn't really matter
because we made lovesongs with our bodies
i became the words
and she put me to music
they say it was just
... but it wasn't
for we had love and eachother
and the moon for company
when i spent summer with monika
spent summer
with me

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