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Rushdie wins again

So Midnight’s Children wins the Booker of Bookers award as the most popular of all the books which have won the Booker Prize now in its 40th year. I was enchanted when I read the book more than 25 years ago just after it won the Booker Prize and saw […]

Congratulations, Sir Salman!

Congratulations, Sir Salman! Kudos to Tony Blair and the Labour government for giving Salman Rushdie (picture taken from the BBC) a knighthood. I haven’t been blogging since my wife arrived from Calcutta (Kolkata) late last month to spend a month with me in Singapore. But how could I ignore the […]

Who is Britain’s greatest living author?

Clockwise from top left: Amis, Pinter, Naipaul, Rushdie, Rankin, Stoppard, Rowling and Hornby (in the centre). If Martin Amis isn’t Britain’s greatest living author, who is? asks the Guardian today. Amis is certainly the flashiest. His brilliance with words simply dazzles. No one comes close except Salman Rushdie, whose name […]