Not quite limericks

There is a gentleman in Beijing
By the name of Xi Jinping
With a burning ambition
And steely determination
To be the world’s uncrowned king.


Whither Pax Britannica?
Whither Pax Americana?
The coronavirus
Reigns imperious.
Welcome to Pax Sinica.


From gunpowder to printin’,
We owe China umpteen
Thanks for innovation.
But hell and tarnation!
No thanks for Covid-19!


It isn’t the Wuhan virus,
Or the China virus,
Will have us know,
Whatever it is, God save us!


Only a foolish prat
Will risk a stupid spat
With mighty Beijing,
Capable of subjugating
Entire continents with a virus off a bat!


Shed a tear for poor Huawei
Pining for business that got away.
The government in Beijing
Is impotently raging,
Other countries are dumping Huawei.


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