In praise of PG Wodehouse

It feels like heaven,
To be reading PG Wodehouse again,
Hailed by critics one and all,
As the Garden of Eden before the Fall,

His fictional world so carefree,
So devoid of misery,
Even Pigs Have Wings
In the castle at Blandings,

The domain of Lord Emsworth,
The woolliest lord on earth,
A peer so potty,
He’s absolutely dotty

On his beloved Empress of Blandings,
The snuffling, grunting, no mere munchkins,
Vast, overfed prize sow
At the Shropshire Agricultural Show,

The champion in the “Fat Pig” class,
Dimensions humongous.
The Empress and her lord’s stories
Are among the greatest glories

In English comic lore
Full of gags galore.
The family Threepwood,
Headed by Clarence Threepwood,

The ninth Earl of Emsworth,
Induce endless mirth.
His brother Galahad,
What a lad!

His younger son Freddie
Decidedly flaky,
And his sister Constance
An absolute menace.

The family starring
In Summer Lightning,
Service with a Smile,
And the entire comic pile

Of Galahad at Blandings,
A Pelican at Blandings,
Blandings Castle and Elsewhere,
Full Moon, Heavy Weather,

Sunset at Blandings,
Entertainment for all earthlings,
No need to know Shakespeare
To be tickled by the pig and the peer.

Now that we’ve come so far
In the Wodehouse oeuvre,
Here’s to his other famous pair,
Reginald Jeeves and Bertie Wooster,

Wooster the man about town
Who’s never let down
By his gentleman’s gentleman
Jeeves’ matchless wit and elan,

A devotee of Marcus Aurelius,
A valet most decorous,
Uber-brainy and fond of fish,
Inscrutable Jeeves can unleash

The most devious stratagems
To rescue Bertie from old flames,
Domineering aunts,
Shrinks and nuts.

Overbearing Aunt Agatha,
Cheerful Aunt Dahlia,
Loony doctor Roderick Glossop,
His daughter Honoria Glossop,

Who was once engaged to Wooster
Like that merry prankster
Bobbie Wickham and dreamy Madeline Basset,
Whose looks, not brains, are her asset.

And what of Bertle’s pals? Oofy Prosser,
Harold P “Stinker” Pinker,
Bingo Little,
Gussie Fink-Nottle,

They are all in the cast,
Which is a blast,
The Jeeves and Wooster canon,
Jolly good fun:

Thank You, Jeeves,
Much Obliged, Jeeves,
Right Ho, Jeeves,
My Man, Jeeves,

Stiff Upper Lip, Jeeves,
The Inimitable Jeeves,
Carry On, Jeeves,
Very Good, Jeeves,

Jeeves in the Offing,
Joy in the Morning,
Aunts Aren’t Gentlemen,
The Mating Season.

And let’s not forget Mr Mulliner,
And the Oldest Member,
And Psmith,
Creations of the same wordsmith,

The humorous,
PG Wodehouse.

A humorist without a peer
Since the comedies written by Shakespeare.
A wizard of words
Admired by literary hordes,

His plots side-splitting,
His similes mind-boggling,
To cut to the chase,
PG Wodehouse is best.

  1. Well articulated. I feel tempted to re-blog it one of these days!


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