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  • Lifelong creativity and PD James’ tips for writers

    God bless PD James! At the age of 93, she wants to write one more detective novel. Amazing. Let’s hope it will feature Adam Dalglish, the Scotland Yard detective who has been her hero since her very first novel, Cover Her Face, published in 1962. Last seen in The Private Patient, in 2008, it’s time […]

  • The Widows of Eastwick

    The Widows of Eastwick is a reminder of the extraordinary talent of John Updike. He died last month of cancer at the age of 76. This is his last book, published last year. But this doesn’t read like the work of an old man. It has all the zest for life and interest in sex […]

  • Writing on sex and death at 91

    Diana Athill is 91 years old and won the 2008 Costa prize for biography for her memoir, Somewhere Towards The End, where she talks about her love affairs, her work as a book editor, and what it means to be growing old. She helped Andre Deutsch – who was briefly her lover — establish his […]