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  • 1963: Annus Mirabilis, Beatles!

    I saw a video of a concert given by the Beatles in 1963 which made me think, oh my God, 50 years have gone by since then, some of the young fans singing along with their idols at the concert may no longer even be around any more, but gone like John and George.

  • I can hear music

    I love the Beach Boys’ song, I Can Hear Music. The ardour of young love and the sweet harmony capture all that is beautiful in life. Yes, it’s just a teenage love song, but listen to the jangling guitars, insistent beat and plaintive voices. Isn’t that what life is all about: wishing and hoping and, […]

  • The truth about the Beatles

    I can’t wait to read Elijah Wald’s How The Beatles Destroyed Rock ‘n’ Roll. The New York Times reviewing this history of popular music says: While Wald never says in so many words that the Beatles destroyed rock ’n’ roll, he does take a stance several degrees removed from standard-issue Beatles worship. He suggests that […]