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  • The poems of John Betjeman

    Today is the birthday of Sir John Betjeman, a 20th century poet who actually wrote in verse. Not free verse but lines that rhymed. Betjeman (August 28, 1906 – May 19, 1984) was popular in his time. His Collected Poems, published in 1958, has sold over two and a quarter million copies, according to […]

  • Wordsworth’s finest

    Which is Wordsworth’s finest poem? How can one even ask such a question? He has written so many memorable poems, it seems impossible to single out any one as the very best. Yet the question has been on my mind these past two days since the birthday of Wordsworth (April 7, 1770 – April 23, […]

  • Typewriter poems has a new look today. The typeface is different. It reminds me of typewriters. I love smartphones, tablets, laptops, but typewriters were my first love. Not smooth, electric typewriters but the manual variety. Such as the one George Orwell is working on in this photo. With a cigarette in his mouth, fingers on the […]

  • Lawrence Ferlinghetti is 94

    Today is the birthday of Lawrence Ferlinghetti, says The Writer’s Almanac. His 94th birthday! just think of it. I first read him in a Penguin paperback which included a selection of poems by him, Allen Ginsberg and Gregory Corso. Here are two of his poems: I Am Waiting Sometime During Eternity

  • Office Friendships, Hurried Love and Prayer by Gavin Ewart

    The Writer’s Almanac reminded me today is the birthday of Gavin Ewart (February 4, 1916 -October 25,1995). Here are some of his poems I found online and liked them so much they had to be here. Office Friendships Eve is madly in love with HughAnd Hugh is keen on Jim.Charles is in love with very […]

  • Poems Singapore

    I saw this book and loved it at first sight. How could I not with its poems about Singapore? It is called Words: Poems Singapore and Beyond and edited by Edwin Thumboo. As luck would have it, the very first page I opened had a poem by him about the transformation of Singapore. The poem, […]

  • Two poems about Singapore

    One poem leads to another. Reading Reflecting on the Merlion: An Anthology of Poems edited by Edwin Thumboo and Yeow Kai Chai, and co-edited by Enoch Ng, Isa Kamari, and Seetha Lakshmi at the public library, I wanted to read more poems about Singapore. And, as luck would have it, I came across another anthology, […]