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  • How easy to read is Jane Austen?

    Sparkling with wit, Jane Austen’s graceful style is even more reader-friendly than the language of newspapers. So are the first chapters of literary classics like David Copperfield and Sons and Lovers. They are all easier to read than newspapers. That’s what I found in a readability test that looked at the number of words in […]

  • Sea of Poppies: Riveting history

    Englishwomen in the early 19th century bathed only twice or thrice a week in India – and mocked the Indians for bathing every day. The memsahibs – Englishwomen – were bathed in their bathtubs by their maids who soaped and scrubbed them, asking what to them sounded like “Cushy?” “Cushy?” — if they were satisfied. […]