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Updike on writing

John Updike, Wilfred Owen and George Plimpton were all born on March 18, reminds the Writer’s Almanac. My favourite writer, the most celebrated First World War poet, and Plimpton, the founding editor of the Paris Review, which he helmed from 1953 till his death in 2003. I remember reading excerpts […]

Rabbit, rest in peace

Rabbit at Rest by John Updike John Updike is a perfectionist — not a flamboyant writer. He can make even the shocking seem almost natural. In Rabbit At Rest, Harry “Rabbit” Angstrom ends up in bed with his daughter-in-law, Pru. Imagine how the scene would have played in a Greek […]

Rabbit’s last songs

I finished reading Rabbit at Rest by John Updike and the only word for it is Wow! Here is a great writer who knows how to bring scenes and characters to life. He is not flashy or literary, just a supremely gifted writer who can describe a person or a […]